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finlandia hymn

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Q: What types of music does a male voice choir sing?
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What are the levels of choir voices?

There are four basic voices in a mixed choir: two female voices: Soprano (high-pitched) and Alto (low), and two male voices: Tenor (high) and Bass (low). Sometimes intermediary voices are added: Mezzo-soprano between Soprano and Alto and Baritone between Tenor and Bass. At other times the male voices may all be combined into a single part. Additionally any of the voice parts may be split up further. In that case the voices are most commonly referred to as first Soprano, second Soprano, first Alto etc. Usually only the four basic voices are subdivided this way, though the second Soprano voice may be referred to as Mezzo-Soprano and the first Bass voice as Baritone. Of course male choirs only have the Tenor, Baritone and Bass voices and female choirs only the Soprano, Mezzo-soprano and Alto voices. An exception is in some types of ancient music (from the renaissance and earlier) where the Alto parts are sung by very high pitched tenors. These are known as Counter-tenors, they sing with the so-called falsetto voice. This practice is quite common in English choirs.

Which male singer has the highest voice?

What about Georgia Brown from Brasil? I think she has the Guinness record for highest note produced by a female.Maybe Minnie Riperton? Listen to her singing Lovin' You (

Which male voice sings the melody?


What voice type does Joe Jonas have?

Well, when he was young with his brother, he used to be a Tenor. But now and then since he grew a lot, his voice lowered so he becomes a Baritone. But I do believe that he still have his high note that can still hit, so that tells me that he's a Low-Tenor, or Baritenor (Baritone-Tenor). Male Voice Range:: Tenor: C3-C5 (male's high range) Baritone: F2-F4 (male's medium range) Bass: E2-E4 (male's low range)

Is len kagamine is a boy?

Len Kagamine is a 14-year-old boy voice created by the Vocaloid 2 speech synthesizer. He is the male mirror (male twin) of Rin Kagamine (female voice created by Vocaloid). * Many people who cosplay him are girls which is why many people think he is a girl. He has a higher-pitched voice than a lot of male singers (like Justin Bieber), but once you get used to the voice and realize that he has a flat chest, you will see that he is a boy!

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When was Warrington Male Voice Choir created?

Warrington Male Voice Choir was created in 1898.

When was YL Male Voice Choir created?

YL Male Voice Choir was created in 1883.

When was Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir created?

Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir was created in 1946.

When was Linköping University Male Voice Choir created?

Linköping University Male Voice Choir was created in 1972.

When was male voice choir created and where?

Male voice choirs were created in the nineteenth century they were created by coal miners. They were created in Wales as it is now a tradition in Wales to have a male voice choir.

Which voices would you expect to hear in a male voice choir?

Male ones...

What actors and actresses appeared in Strictly Male Voice - 2006?

The cast of Strictly Male Voice - 2006 includes: Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir as Themselves

What are the primary voice types in music?

The primary voice types are: FEMALE: * Soprano (high) * Alto (medium) MALE: * Tenor (highest) * Bass (low)

What is the highest natural male voice part in a four-part choir?


What instruments are in a male voice choir?

A piano Then male voices; Tenor, 2nd tenor Baritone and bass

What is male low voice in music called?


What are all of the different voice types?

Voice Types- SATBSoprano- High FemaleAlto- Low FemaleTenor- High MaleBass- Low Male