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Q: What type of songs were popular at religious revival meetings?
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What are some popular songs with a religious message?

they r waves of mercy waves of grace,

What are the names of some 1950's religious songs?

Some popular religious songs of the 1950's include 'I Believe In Miracles', 'Upon This Rock', 'Thank You Lord', 'In Sweet Harmony', and 'I Believe'. A large list of 1950's religious songs and artists can be found online at My Music Way.

Who sings the songs fortunate son?

Creedence clearwater revival

What are the songs of Valencia Music?

If one is inquiring about the songs from the music group Valencia there are a number of songs such as Dancing With a Ghost, Spinning Out and Where Did You Go. If one is wanting to know what types of music are popular in Valencia (eastern Spain), it has been found that religious and work songs are popular.

Another word for religious songs starting with letter h?

"Hymns" is another word for religious songs starting with the letter "h." Hymns are traditional religious songs typically sung in churches or during religious ceremonies.

What are some popular praise and worship songs in the US?

There are numerous praise and worship songs in the United States which is a very religious country. Some of these songs include 'We are God's People', 'Shout to the Lord', 'Glorify' and 'Cleanse Me'.

What songs do you call the suffering of christ?

Religious Songs

What are the mindanao non-Islamic music?

Mindanao non-Islamic music is unaccompanied singing and the use of bamboo flutes. The most popular type of songs among the Mindanao are religious chants and love songs.

What are the classification of folk song?

wedding songs,children's songs,seranade,religious songs,love songs,maden songs,occational songs, and festivity songs.

What were five popular songs through 1945-1949?

what were five popular songs in 1949

What are some popular Filipino songs?

Popular Filipino songs offer a way to celebrate a beautiful culture. Tagalog is the language of some of these songs. Several other languages are features in popular Filipino songs.

What songs did pilgrims sing?

They would have been religious songs if they sang any.