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lots of stuff, such as products like proactive, bare minerals, shake weight, weight watchers, sham wow, and preety much anyting that sounds awsome.

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Q: What type of product has commercials that make you want what they are selling?
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What type of a program is spin selling?

Spin selling is a sales technique that differs from classic techniques. Spin selling has the seller presenting the product in such a way so that the seller identifies a problem and then see the product as the solution.

What type of degree is needed to make commercials?

A graphics degree is a popular degree required to make commercials. With a graphics degree you will learn the technical components required to make a commercial.

What should you call your online shop?

Something whimsical that matches the type of product you are selling

What selling activities are involved in trade shows?

Depending on the type of product being exhibited, selling activities can involve booking orders or developing leads for future sales.

How much do sales associated get paid?

You need to be way more specific. What type of sales. What product are you selling. Where do you live.

What is product liability policy cost based on?

Product liability insurance premiums are based on the type of product you sell as well as the size of your business/the number of products you sell. Consider that the higher the risk of the product you sell, the higher the insurance cost. Selling key-chains as an example, would generate a lower product liability rate, than say selling guns.

What is the nature of a company's product or srevice?

Can be anything dependent upon type of business they are in. The nature is just asking for a description of what they're selling.

Who was the girl at the end of Napolean dynamite on the bicycle?

Tricia's Mom. She made Tricia go to the dance with Napolean after he drew the picture of her. She met Uncle Rico when he was selling her the tupperware type product he was selling

Is opt email marketing really effective?

It depends on what type of product or service you are selling, and what demographics of people who are getting the opt-in email from you. It all depends on if that person NEEDS the service or product from you.

What do you mean by slogan?

A slogan is a phrase that is associated with a product. Commercials might help with this type of advertising when songs are used to advertise. One example of a slogan is "Beef, its what's for dinner".

What is all of businesses that make one type of product?


All the businesses that make one type of product?