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linear perspective

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Linear perspective - apex

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linear pespective

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What type of perspective does jean-francois millet use?

aerial perspective

Edouard Manet once said that what was the greatest type of painting?

Still Life

In Batman the Joker vandalizes all artwork except those of which artist?

He vandalizes all but one painting, because, as he says, "I kinda like this one." I don't know what the name of the painting is, or who the artist is, but it is 1:03:11 (one hour, three minutes, and eleven seconds) into the movie. It's a very gruesome, gory painting, of what looks like two sides of a decaying human ribcage, torn in half, with the arms still attached, and there's a big, scary-looking, gothic-type guy sitting underneath the decaying body, and it looks like he might be screaming. The painting is '"Figure with Meat" by Francis Bacon.

Can you find info on a Warren Roberts painting called Twilight Drive?

Twilight drive is a cartoon type picture of Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon & Ernie Irvan riding big wheels off into the sunset. I have one for sale if you are interested.


In the movie Taare Zameen Par there was a boy whose name is Ishant , who was facing problem of dyslexia , dyslexia is a type of problem in which we write wrong words or write opposite words. Ishant was very sad because he has no friends and all his society's children tease him.Then he ago to the hostel and in hostel there were very strict teachers and one day a teacher left the hostel and sir Amir Khan teach Ishant and one day sir Amir Khan came to Ishant's house and see the Ishant's painting and he get impress and on day do you know Ishant got a first prise of painting