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White Magic isn't a musical group. Therefore this question in unanswerable, although one could go down the route of White Magic in relation to the types of spells cast by certain people.

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Q: What type of musical group is White Magic?
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White magic spells are the ones that don’t cause any harm to the person who is casting them. This magic is for benefits. This magic can harness the natural power inside and make you powerful. Spells like healing spells or telekinesis spells or money spells are known to be popular white magic spells. If you are looking for the most authentic store for white magic spells, then click : whitelightmagic. com .

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The books don't use the terms "white magic" and "black magic". The magic used by Harry potter versus that used by Voldemort is the same type of magic, in many cases. However, Voldemort tends to make more use, for example, of what the books call the "unforgivable curses". Also, Voldemort's objectives are, in general, sinister. To a great extent, the difference is not what magic (what specific spells) they use, but for what purposes.