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Q: What type of music has often been called the only art form to originate in the US?
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What type of music has often been called the only art forms originate in the US?


What type of music has often been called the only art from to originate in the United States?


Where did the music instrument called the ney originate?

The Ney is a music instrument originated in Iran, a middle-eastern country. The Ney is a flute that has been played for over 4500 years and is one of the oldest instruments known to mankind.

Where did techno start?

techno music was originate in Montgomery Alabama and introduced to Detroit in the 1980's The origin of techno music is not quite known. House music is thought to have started in New York City while techno has been very popular in European dance clubs for years.

When did the boogeyman originate?

The boogeyman was a character that first appeared in the 1980's. The Boogeyman has been lined very heavily with popular music. The boogeyman appeared in several popular music videos.

What deep sea animal has often been called a sea monster?

The giant squid has often been called a sea monster.

Factors that have influenced Thai music?

Thai music has been heavily influenced by western music throughout the years. Thai music often uses popular western instruments such as guitars.

What is singing without using words from any known language called?

It is called scat its a bit like ad. libing but normally its been rehearsed. scat is often used in blues songs. Solfage is another type of signing, using meaningless syllabils to express notes. It is often part of music competitions, where the choir must sight read an unknown piece of music and perform it.

What has the Korean Conflict often been called?

The Forgotten War

What is baseballs nickname?

It has often been called 'America's Pastime'.

What is Scheherazade famous for?

Scheherazade is famous as a piece of music. It is a symphonic suite composed in 1888 by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsarkov. The music has been used often in ballet.

Does music help to learn?

Low music in the background has been shown to improve concentration levels. Its called 'Musac' when used for this purpose.