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Tori Amos sings mostly in the genre of what music in the 1970's era. Mostly her music consists of pop and rock type genre and she also sings a lot while playing the piano live.

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Q: What type of music Genre does the singer Tori Amos play?
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What is tori Amos vocal range?


What is the real name of Tori Amos?

Tori Amos was born Myra Ellen Amos. She later changed her first name officially to Tori. Tori Amos' original name was Myra Ellen Amos which she released her first single under in 1980 at the age of 17. The single was under the label MEA titled after her own name since she was still performing at bar circuits at this stage and the many demo tapes she recorded still went unnoticed. Ironically, now in the 90s, what brought her to change her name was a comment by a friend's boyfriend that she didnt look a Ellen but more like a "Tori" and it just stuck

Which female singer sang a powerful song c1991 containing the lyrics 'when you going to make up your mind' and 'all thewild horses have gone ahead'?

That would be Tori Amos and the song is called "Wild Horses"

Does Tori Amos have children?

Yes, my friends used to take care of her daughter when Tori was away =] (let me break it down to you a little better) Tori Amos gave birth to Natashya Lórien Hawley on September 5, 2000. Her baby weighed 7-pounds, 1-ounce and measured 21 inches at birth. .... more can be read here:

How many albums has Tori Amos sold?

Tori Amos has "album sales of more than 12 million copies worldwide", according to a 2005 press release. It is fair to assume that sales have grown since then, due to further releases since then (Bootleg CDs and American Doll Posse).

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