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The language is officially known as "Simlish", and it's not a real language.

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Q: What type of language do The Sims speak?
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Cheat to speak English on sims mega deluxe?

There is no way to change the language the Sims speak.

How do you get your sims to speak English on sims 2 double deluxe?

Your sims speak only Similish, which is a nonsense language created by maxis. There is no way to change this.

Do the people on sims 3 speak English?

No they speak their own language, known as Simlish.

Can you change language in Sims 2 Castaway?

You can choose the language that text will appear in, but the people will still speak "Similish".

Why don't sims speak english?

Sims do not speak English to give the player the feel of them living in a different world. Also this makes it easily switched to multiple languages.

How do you make your sim learn another language in Sims 3?

All Sims speak the same language, it's called GIBBERISH!XDIf you have the Sims 3 world adventure expansion pack you don't have to teach them any language, or if you think they speak Chinese or something and you want them to be taught English so you can understand them than that's not a possibility.

Do castaway 2 speak English?

If you listen closely to your sims talking, you notice that they're pretty much just babbling some weird nonsense. The sims have their own language and if you have a radio, the sims language is used on that, too.

What language does the sims 2 speak?

They speak Simoleon. It was first used in The Sims 1. Mabye you missed it while first playing the Game. I Only play The Sims 1 but im pretty sure they mentioned it in the second one.

How do you change the Language on The Sims 1?

You can't change the language, Sims are only programmed to speak "Simlish".

Do italians speak a type of Norman language?

No, Italians speak a Romance language called Italian.

Where in the world do people speak Simlish?

Probably in Geeksland. Simlish is a fictional language spoken in the Sims videogames.

Do any of the Sims Game speak English?

No, they all speakm a non-existint language called simlish