What type of horror films do you like watching Why?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't like watching Horror films, I like Cartoons.

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Q: What type of horror films do you like watching Why?
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What is the name of a Disney movie where a man trys to kill a family?

Walter Elias Disney did not make Family Horror films of this type!

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she says she like comedy and horror but mostly horror

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What type of stories does Black Static the magazine accept or like most?

Horror stories.

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The Ring falls into the category of Supernatural or Paranormal type Horror Movie.

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yes cuz hes that type of guy

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I consider it a horror story, but not extreme horror!

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What is a horror maven?

I find a lot about horror on thel youtube channel @pugwall316 has great content in my opinion

What is a genre horror?

genre horror is a type of book that usually has monsters. this book was made to scare people. usually horror ever ends happy.