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Q: What type of hair does Riley freeman have from boondocks?
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Where did boondocks come from?

Boondocks is an animated film by Aaron McGruder. The main characters are Huey Freeman ( which is 10 and a retired terrorist), Riley Freeman ( an 8 year old boy), and their granddad Robert Freeman. They all moved from Chicago to Woodcrest. To check out more info or even watch full episodes go to and type in either TheProgramPirate or chadbdurham. They have goo full episodes of the boondocks. ( this is if you don't know them very well).

How do you act like Riley Freeman?

You have to talk like a gangster in Riley's voice, like rap music, hang around in the streets, have type of nicknames, and watch B.E.T alot.

Where can you get the boondocks theme song on your PSP? just type the boondocks theme song and it will come up

What are the release dates for The Life of Riley - 1953 Riley the Executive Type 1-18?

The Life of Riley - 1953 Riley the Executive Type 1-18 was released on: USA: 1 May 1953

Is martin freeman related to Morgan freeman?

Look at the eyes, the hair, the mouth, nose, and facial hair... the physique(build)... etc. I believe that Martin is probably Morgan Freeman's prodigal son... the two were most likely torn apart by creative differences... Morgan plays God or God- fearing characters, while, Martin plays thuggish and 'lost soul' type of characters... likelyhood is that they are mutually not acknowledgeing each other as family. COMMENT PLEASE!!

What type of narrator is the one who speaks of facts?

Morgan Freeman

What type of martial art does huey freeman know?

Huey Freeman pratice Kendo and Ninjutsu and a tiny bit of Kungfu. AFRO ninja

If your hair is straight what type of hair is that?

type 1

What is Bridget Riley's primary type of artwork?

Op art and craft art

What is 2c hair?

The 2c type of hair has a lot of curly ringlets and it is wavy. It is a thicker and coarser type of hair. This type of hair is more resistant to styling and it frizzes easily.

What is Crispin Freeman's blood type?

Crispin Freeman is an American voice actor and he appears on several Anime shows and video games. One user said: His blood type is O. However, this is probably personal and confidential information.

Is yaki hair real hair?

Yaki hair is a type of hair extension

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