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bobby shmurda and prince philip

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Halie barry and channing tatum

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no they don't

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Q: What two famous people have Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome?
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What causes Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome?


Is wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome life threatening?


Can wolf hirschhorn syndrome be prevented?

I have science project and don't know if it can be prevented answer if possible please.

What is wolfhousen syndrome?

There is no such condition as Wolfhousen Syndrome. Assuming that you mean Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, this is a condition that arises due to a genetic error in chromosome 4 and affects various parts of the body.

What is wolfhauser syndrome?

Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder. The most common symptom is malformation of the facial features and they are short statured and may have malformations of the organs.

Are there any treatments for Wolf hirschhorn syndrome?

no, there is not a cure for WHS. Sadly but there are ways for the child to live a long and happy life. Ask your doctor or the hospital they can give you more info.

What is the life expectancy of a person with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome?

life expectancy is shortened but recent research demonstrate that mortality rate is less than reported in the past and that mortality rate correlates with the size of the deletion

Is Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome a small deletion or large?

It can be either. The size of the deletion varies among affected individuals and studies suggest that larger deletions tend to result in more severe intellectual disability and physical abnormalities than smaller deletions.

Is there a mild form of Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome?

I'm afraid not, since there is no recorded variability among the severity of the symptoms in the patients who have this disease. The genetic theory lies behind the fact that its based on a partial chromosomal deletion, and the symptoms do not differ, no matter how much was deleted from the chromosome

Can Wolf-Hirschhorn be prevented?

Actually, it cannot be prevented since a piece of chromosome 4 is missing. The only way it can be "prevented" is by the sperm and egg to form properly, but that is by random.

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