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Q: What tv show featured the song manhattan skyline?
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When was Manhattan Skyline - song - created?

Manhattan Skyline - song - was created in 1986.

What was the song featured on the game when melaine was crying on the sofa?

What was the name of the song featured on the show the game when melaine was crying on the sofa

What was the Beatles song featured on the television show Full House?

I will ;)

What show featured the impossible dream?

Don Quixote sings this featured song from 'The Man of La Mancha"

What is the second song in the little Manhattan trailer?

Show Me Your Bootyhole by Saosin

Is the song 'It's Not Christmas Without You' featured in the TV show 'Glee'?

No, it is not.

What song by Inner Circle is featured on the TV show COPS?

bad boys

Carolina Liar's song Show Me What I am Looking For was featured in a commercial for what company?

What TV show featured the song May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You?

The Perry Como Show

What show does the song Take Me or Leave Me appear in?

The song "Take Me or Leave Me' from the Broadway Musical RENT is featured in the show Comeback. This song is in the thirteenth episode of season two.

What is the show about Vietnam that featured The Rolling Stone's Paint It Black as its theme song?

The show was Nam: Tour Of Duty.

What tv show featured the song Weighty ghost by wintersleep?

Not a TV show, but are you thinking of the movie "One Week"?