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Any axe commercial

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Q: What tv commercial is non sequitur?
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A sentence for the word Non Sequitur?

A non sequitur is something that does not logically follow. That statement is a non sequitur, and does not support your claims.

What does non sequitur mean?

Non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow". A statement is said to be a non sequitur if the conclusion does not follow from the premise.

Sentence using non sequitur?

Stop the non sequitur now.

Can you use Non-sequitur in a sentence?

Es audax, sed non sequitur, me esse audax

How do you pronounce Non Sequitur?


Sentence with the word non sequitur?

That he would not be a good mayor because he cant control his own family is a non sequitur, "said John.

How do you answer a tough question?

With an appropriate non-sequitur.

What is the Latin phrase for it does not follow?


What are the release dates for Non Sequitur - 2009?

Non Sequitur - 2009 was released on: USA: 24 October 2009 (Gotham Screen Film Festival)

What is the correct pronunciation of the word non sequitur?

non se quit or

What are some examples of non sequitur in literature?


What are the release dates for Trivial - 2011 Non Sequitur 1-4?

Trivial - 2011 Non Sequitur 1-4 was released on: USA: 8 December 2011