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What is peacock TV?

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Q: What tv channel uses the Peacock symbol?
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Which television network uses a peacock for its symbol or mascot?


What television network uses a peacock for its symbol or mascot?


What tv channel uses an eye as its logo?

CBS uses the eye as a symbol.

What is NBC-TV symbol?

The symbol is like a peacock

What channel on a TV is the channel with the symbol of an eye?

The eye symbol is the corporate logo of CBS.

What television brand uses the logo H?

History Channel

Why does NBC use a peacock?

NBC uses a peacock logo as a reference to its color broadcast of the Rose Bowl parade in 1954. NBC had greater access to color television technology than its competitors because it was a subsidiary of RCA, a television set manufacturer.

Were tv programs made in color before the color TV made appearance in homes?

Yes, they were. That's why some old TV programs said explicitly "In living color!" at the beginning of the show; to make people want to buy a color TV. In fact, the NBC Peacock symbol was there for the same reason; each of the peacock's feathers were a different color. If you only had a black and white TV, the peacock was showing you what you were missing.

What channel is MTV Dance on if one uses Comcast?

The television channel MTV is channel 37 on the Comcast system, but this may vary depending on location. Other MTV shows are on nearby channels such as channel 38.

When was Michael Peacock - television executive - born?

Peacock TVPeacock is a subscription video on demand streaming service

What company uses a N as their logo?

Nickelodeon uses a capital N as their logo. This is a large orange capital N. This is a television channel that specializes in kids television shows, like SpongeBob.

What kind of symmetry is a peacock?

I have never heard it expressed this way, but the fanned-out peacock approximate a l80 degree protractor shape or hemicycle. ( Half-cycle). The Peacock was adopted in l956 ( year this author rolled off the lines) as the trademark for the color-television processes of NBC Television, in these parts, channel 4. Again the reference was to the multi-color angle, not the wide-angle as such. Hope this is of some help. Saint Peter"s College adopted the Peacock as a a mascot as they were once located on Pavonia avenue and Pavonia can be interpreted as ( land of the Peacock)- Peacock being Pavo in Latin, and being a church school, well it falls in.

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