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If you are a woman who is pregnant or trying to become pregnant it is likely that you are turning your toilet seat blue. I have only research and circumstantial evidence to back up my claim, but looking at it scientifically most reports are from families with women in the household as described above- usually pregnant. As for myself, all mine have turned blue but we have been trying to conceive for some time now without success. I asked myself, "what is the commonality between the two groups of women (pregnant vs not pregnant but trying)?" It finally occurred to me that we all take some sort of Prenatal/Pregnancy vitamins/supplements. Other medications are not as ubiquitous (for example hormone therapy) and since those of use who are not pregnant though there seem to be comparatively less of us are still excreting chemicals transdermally and subsequently turning the seat blue I can only conclude that the answer is related to: Prenatal/Pregnancy supplements/vitamins.

If someone has a documented cause other than my theory I would love it if you added to my evidence or corrected me completely.

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Q: What turns a toilet seat blue?
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