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Q: What town in Connecticut does Edward Herrmann live?
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Which town does Bella and Edward live in?

Bella and Edward live in the town of Forks

Where did Oliver ellsworth live?

Windsor is a town in Hartford County, Connecticut

Where do john and edward live?

The town of Lucan in Dublin Ireland.

What town in Connecticut was racquetball invented in?

Greenwich is the town in Connecticut where racquetball was invented.

What town does Edward Cullen live in?

Edward and his family live just outside of Forks, though the books don't mention what town they live in. It does say, in the book, that they live somewhere off of Calawah Way. (However, the house is actually in Portland, OR and is known as the "Hoke House".)

What starts with k in Connecticut?

Killingly is a town in Connecticut. It is located in Windham County, Connecticut.

Does Brendan fraser have relations or live in portland Oregon?

He lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the backcountry part of town (with the huge houses).

What is the resolution of the story Edward Scissorhands?

The resolution of Edward Scissorhands was that Edward went back to live on the hill in his castle, and Kim told the town citizens that he and Jim killed each other.

In which state is the town of Hamden?


What is a good town in Connecticut to live in if you commute to New York for work?

Which Connecticut town are you referring to? There are many people who live in Connecticut towns and commute back and forth to New York either by train or driving. Answer It would depend on your price range. With a closer commute, you get less home for your money. Norwalk, Wilton and Stamford might be worth a look. Also, the school districts vary widely between the three.

What Connecticut city begins with the he letter I?

There are no cities in Connecticut that begin with the letter L. Litchfield is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

What town did the colony Connecticut found?