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1724 Wisteria Way, Westlake, TX, United States I looked it up on Google maps for you

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Australia Glenroy Melbourne Victoria I don't know the street but somewhere In that area. I mostly know alot but I live In the USA

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The Brooks brothers, Beau, Luke, and Jai, live in Glenroy, Victoria. I'm not sure about James and Daniel. They may live in Glenroy also, or they may live in another suburb of Melbourne?

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Q: What town do the Janoskians live in?
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Where does the Janoskains live?

The Janoskians live in Melbourne In Australien.

Were do the janoskians live?

They currently live in LA, but they're from Melbourne.

Where do the janoskians live?

Glenroy, Victoria Australia

What street does luke brooks from the janoskians live in?

middleton lane

Where does the janoskians live?

the brooks bro's live in Glenroy, james and Daniel don't know

Where does James from the janoskians live?

they didn't say where they live cuz they hate it when girls come to there houses

Where do the janoskians life?

They all live in Melbourne, Australia in a little suburb called Glenroy.

Why are the Janoskians famous?

The Janoskians became famous from their YouTube videos.

What was the janoskians first video?

The Janoskians' first video was make up to break up.

Who is Skip the Janoskians' fans talk about him?

skip is daniel from the janoskians nickname. hope i helped

What does janoskians stand for?

Janoskians stands for: Just Another Name Of Some Kids In Another Nation Skip :)

Do the janoskians have Skype?