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you can go to a different place or do it again

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It did say to play a game with karen (plankton's computer wife) at the chum bucket

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you don't do anything in the chumbucket

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Q: What to do after you cook in chumbucket on spongebobs big adventures?
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What do you do after you cook for plankton on spongebobs big adventures?

Go next to the adventures

How do you save your friends on spongebobs big adventures?

you cannot

What are some cheat codes for

one is for spongebobs camping game its cheeks and for spongebobs big adventures its jellybean

Where is the jelly in spongebobs next big adventures?

The jelly is in Jellyfish Feilds

What does the super jelly bean do in spongebobs big adventures?

makes you run

How do you restart SpongeBobs big adventures?

To delete a File and play it now

How do you pass jellyfish fields in spongebobs big adventures?

maybe watch out for obstacle

What is the secret code in spongebobs big adventures?

there`s this little button in the left corner and it says code

How do you cheat to get to town in spongebobs big adventures?

Probably get Rank 2 after getting 10000 xp or Rank 1

What do you do after you get past the part when you beat plakton in spongebobs big adventure?

you go and cook at the chum bucket worked for me

Where do you enter the code in spongebobs big adventures?

Before you click "Login" or "Play as guest", look on the left side of the screen, under spongebobs leg. Itll say "Code" (:

What if your shift has ended and you have no more missions to complete on Spongebobs Big Adventures?

go to the Chum Bucket and click kitchen and get working