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Excuse me , do you know where doverstreet is please .........ohhh no problem monkey sox. your best bet is to follow your rubber duck . go right past the Christmas tree. then ya need..........................hang on let me think. yaaa , ya wanna follow your saxafone till ya reach the white fronts and then bobs your teapot . alri ice-cream cone

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Q: What the words to the rowntree randoms advert?
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Tim Lovejoy

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What the crocodile hat was that?! There's no post box, there's no shuttle-cock & where's the jelly giraffe, eh?! Everytime their fruity acorn gets that alarm clock, I want you to..... snowflake their teapot - hard! You get out there & play your palm trees off!

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What does the man say on the new roundtree randoms advert at the start as it sounds like he says ok then mustash?


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