What test 1616 kingli coin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i have orginal 1616 kingly coin ,so now i want good byer r company

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Q: What test 1616 kingli coin?
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How do you test a lebbo coin 1616?

lebbo coin image

How do you testing 1616 lebbo coin?

lebbo coin image

How much is a coin from 1616 from bayline worth?


Did the east India company introduced half Anna coins in 1616?

No, they did not. If you have a coin dated 1616 from the East India Co, it is a reproduction or the like.

1616 coin images?

Check the "related links" section of this question for images.

One Anna east India coin 1616 king Leo space metal coin testing?

Answer; farming (if that coin is shown to direct positional to the sun,with countable,white clouds are farmed and in after few minutes flying eagle /vulture on there.)2.continuity test (if touch in all part of that coin both top an bottom with wire bulb flickered)3.If taken one class with mineral water ,that coin immersed,original coin emitted some water bubbles like as a mercury.4.Mineral water immediately heat from that coin and,temperature is change in different something like 1.5 to above....5.At the same time that coin is immersed in cooling water ,temperature change in different something like 1.5 to above....That coin is made in research purposes only and that having some chemical powder.a) coin weight is 298 gram,...,b) coin year 1616,EIC / EIDc) coin having three pin mark.d) coin having seven navagraga mark.In Front side,shown in mark of " one- space- metal-1616-EIC-ana-three pin and, In The Rear sidehaving some images of "two fish or snake-seven dods-with 3 different images.In along with side of that coin, one English word is show "kingli"But,we are not knowing that powder chemical bond and specific name.That coin's many images are attached in below mentioned our blog.(Do you want more information of that coins,Do open to the above said blog)generally this type of the coins are made from local place in hand made expert in the year of 1661.EIC is considerable EID is?CONCLUSION;This coin is not a trade coin,it is research purpose coin only,so,trading activities are strictly restricted in INDIA. it is 100 % ILLEGAL BUSINESS. please,avoid deal/sale and test to that coin in here or any where! is very danger in,just read this article in your " just knowledge purpose only".

Is there any buyer of Libo coin 1616 can you say price?

I have a original 1616 lebbo coin any body buyer of foreign country plse contact All function available only ricepulling is nothing function but all rain cloud is giving a function.. But when we have charged first then the function is look. Minimum temperature we have to test 42 dedree. Plse any body foreign buyer contact me I will show yu. Again iam request plse help me any body sold to this coin

What is 1616?

1616 = 1,616

What is 1616-1547?


Is 1616 a prime or composite number?

1616 is a composite number.

How do you find out uranim coin is original or not?

coin weight 105gm, voul round shape, coin year 1616,in the cold water 4to 5 degree become hot water, clouds form within 15 second, eagle arrive, tourch lights become a cuts

What is the value of a Chinese Prince Nu'ErHachi 1616-1626 coin?

Replicas of the coins are worth about $30 each. The exact value of the coins will vary depending upon their condition.