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Usually American TV won't allow any swear words on TV . . . however Canadian TV will allow more swear words like . . . Cr*p . . . and stuff that isn't too bad.

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Q: What swear words are bleeped out on TV and what swear words aren't?
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What words are bleeped out on TV?

The word ("B¡T©h") is actually a female dog, depending on the context in which it is used it may or may not get bleeped!

Are there bad words in the sorcerers apprentice?

Nothing that would be bleeped out on TV, but there are a couple of uses of the word "hell".

Are there illegal words in the US?

No. However, there are restrictions on swear words in certain forms of media, such as television and radio.

What is uncensored?

uncensored is when TV or anything else does not cut out the swear words or inappropriate words from what the person is saying. Hope that helped!

Are tv stations allowed to change a word in a song because it is a swear word?

The artist will sometimes create a radio edited version without swear words. The media will sometimes change the words or block out the words, with the right permissions of course.

Why is The Simpsons TV-14?

Because some of the stuff is inappropriate. And it has swear words so its not for kids.

Top ten TV shows with most swear words?

1. Trailer Park Boys 2. Dexter

What was 5 crazy things Turkmenbashi did when he was president of his country?

He built an Ice Palace despite the fact Turkmenistan was a desert country. He closed all hospitals outside Ashgabat. He banned young men from having beards. He banned lip syncing at concerts. He did not allow AIDS or inappropriate words such as the words bleeped on TV to be said.

What content must be avoided to keep a television show at PG 13 rating?

Graphic sexual content, explicit swear words, and a decreased amount of violence.

Did kanoa lioyd swear on sticky tv?


What was the first swear word heard on TV?


What swear words are not used on the tv show Supernatural?

It depends on what you call swear words. The show airs during the FCC's decency hours. They cannot use any of the "7 Words You Can't Say On Television." (a list comedian George Carlin made up for his act back in the early 1970s because the FCC would not specifically tell anyone which words were specifically banned.) The decency hours are between 6am and 10pm. If you air before or after those hours, their "decency standards" don't apply. Cable shows are allowed to use swear words as the FCC doesn't rule pay television, but each network also has their own standards and practices and rules for every hour of programming, so no matter what network you are on, they have to approve the script. That is why you can hear swearing on shows that air after 10pm on many cable networks with scripted programming.