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Q: What style was Paolo de Matteis Adoration of the Shepherds?
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What is the identity of the Italy's Pietro Paolo Agabiti?

Architect, painter and sculptor is the identity of Pietro Paolo Agabiti.Specifically, Pietro Paolo Agabiti lived from 1470 to about 1540. He was from the picturesque northeast Italian town of Sassoferrato. He was known for his devotion to the Venetian style of painting from the 15th century.

What does maniera mean?

Maniera, also known as mannerism, is an artistic style in which the artist desires to present his skill in a work rather than an idea, or an scene from an authoritative text. Maniera was popular in the 16th century but began to fall out of practice in the 17th century. Michaelangelo was known for this style. A specific example is 'The Adoration of the Shepherds' by Tibaldi, which was painted in the 1540's. You will notice that the musculature is idealized and the people seem to be oriented in an unnatural way, their hands are outstretched in awkward positions that one does not normally see in everyday life.

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What has the author Paolo Beni written?

Paolo Beni has written: 'Risposta alle Considerationi o dubbi' -- subject(s): Drama, History and criticism, Pastoral drama 'Il Cavalcanti' -- subject(s): Style, Italian language 'Il Cavalcanti' -- subject(s): Style, Italian language 'Comparatione di Homero, Virgilio e Torquato' 'Pauli Benii ... In Platonis Timaeum siue in naturalem omnem atque diuinam Platonis et Aristotelis philosophiam decades tres' 'Il Cavalcanti' -- subject(s): Style, Italian language

How was the life of the shepherds of the middle ages?

Shepherds were among the very poorest people in medieval society, but their appearance changed over time just as every aspect of life changed during the very long medieval period. In the 12th century, English shepherds generally wore a woollen tunic over hose (separate leg coverings, sometimes bound around with waxed cloth). Over these they wore a variety of cloaks, capes and hoods to keep out wind and rain. Ankle boots of turnshoe style were worn on the feet. The distinguishing features of English shepherds were the crook, carried with the curve at the bottom, and a cow's horn for calling the flock and signalling danger to other shepherds. Shepherds carried the crook the correct way (with the curve at the lower end) almost to the end of the middle ages; when it later became more a walking-stick than a functional tool it was turned so the curve was at the top. Shepherds have been carrying their crooks upside-down ever since. The link below shows 12th century shepherds depicted in the Winchester Psalter of around 1160.

What did estevan do?

(b late 16th century; d 17th century). Spanish sculptor. He was almost certainly Aragonese and was known as Maestro Estevan. His sole documented work is the altarpiece he made in 1607 for the church of the Asunci?n de Nuestra Se?ora in the medieval Cistercian monastery in Rueda, near Escatr?n. The work was executed in the Plateresque style, which had by then fallen out of use, since artistic taste was turning towards the Baroque, and so it marked out the artist as a traditionalist. In collaboration with Domingo Borunda, who seems to have been a stonemason, Estevan carved it as a magnificent work of white alabaster. Around 1940 the altarpiece was dismantled and transferred to the parish church of Escatr?n; it must have been then that the reliefs of the plinth were lost, the ornaments of flowers, fruit and angels alone remaining. In the principal niche Estevan represented the Immaculate Conception, and in the pediment was the Coronation of the Virgin. The large reliefs on either side represented, on the left, the Annunciation and the Visitation, and on the right, the Adoration of the Shepherds and the Adoration of the Magi.

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