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Q: What station airs NFL Primetime?
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When was NFL Primetime created?

NFL Primetime was created in 1987.

What is the name of the song that ice cube made for NFL primetime?

It's called "Primetime".

What TV station airs Bones?


Is army wives on this station?

It airs on Lifetime.

What station airs the Academy Awards in Mexico?


What tv station airs house?

new episodes are on Fox.

What is the song that NFL Network uses for Deion Sanders' Primetime segment on NFL Gameday?

I believe it was a special bit Snoop Dogg created for Primetime. I don't think it is a part of a full song

Did ice cube make the new nfl network primetime song?


Which television station airs new movies?

AMC is a television station that airs new and original shows. One show that was very popular from this network was the walking dead and also breaking bad. They a growing viewer base.

What station airs the Academy Awards in India?

Star Movies... not sure what time though

What station is Dora the Explorer on?

Dora the Explorer airs on Nick and Nick Jr at 8 AM on Weekdays.

What CBS radio station airs The Young and the Restless live?

Think it's 88.1