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Finite incantatem. It does other stuff too, but that is one of them:)

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Q: What spell from Harry Potter is used for unfreezing?
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Who used the spell Digitilous in Harry Potter?

Digitalis is not a spell in Harry Potter.

What was Harry Potter's favorite trick?

Harry Potter's favorite spell was Expelliarmus (disarming spell) but he also used Stupefy (stunning spell) a lot.

What spell from Harry Potter is used for stunning people?


What spell from Harry Potter is used to move trees?


Which spell in harry potter is used to disharm your oponent?


What is the Spell used to summon and object in Harry Potter?


What is the spell used to get rid of Dememtors in Harry Potter?

Expecto Patronum

What is the first defensive spell used in Harry Potter?

Petrificus totalis

What is the spell to make a bag split in Harry Potter?

In the fourth book, Harry used the spell, Diffindo, to rip Cedric Diggory.

What was the spell Harry Potter used on malfoy in the bathroom duel that made malfoy bleed?

The spell that Harry Potter used to cause Draco Malfoy to bleed continuously in the bathroom duel scene of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is called "sectumsempra".

What does spictobatroniom mean from harry patter?

The spell Expecto Patronum is used for calling your Patronus in Harry Potter.

What is the spell used in Harry Potter when lighting your wand?

Lomus or something like that