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Q: What spell did Professor Lupin use on Peeves outside the Staff Room?
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What are the notes outside the staff called?

The notes outside the staff do not have a collective name, but they are referred to as being notes on "ledger lines".

What extend the staff upward and downward as in this example?

The staff can be extended upward or downward by adding ledger lines above or below the staff to accommodate notes outside the usual range. This allows for the notation of both higher and lower pitches that fall outside the five lines of the standard staff.

Harry Potter Where are the gargoyles?

The gargoyles are outside the staff room.

What staff rode the hogwarts express to school?

Remus Lupin and Horace Slughorn both used the Hogwarts Express to travel to Hogwarts. Otherwise, the only adults on the train were the driver and the trolley lady.

Does Professor Slughorn die in the battle of hogwarts?

When the Dark Lord invaded the castle with his army, it was initially believed that Professor Slughorn had fled in cowardice; but as it transpired, had gone to Hogsmeade to round up reinforcements. He returned to the castle at the head of vast number of residents and shopkeepers from the town, along with friends and family of the students and staff already fighting. Slughorn engaged the Dark Lord head on, with McGonagall and Kingsley, proving himself a masterful duellist, able to hold his own against even the most dangerous dark wizard of all time.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a staff psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical physician with a specialization in psychiatry and (sometimes) psychopharmacology. A staff psychiatrist is simply one who is on the staff of an institution, as opposed to one who is brought in from outside.

How is the word assemble used in a sentence?

If there is a fire all staff should assemble outside in the car park.

Extend the staff upwards and downwards as in this example.?

I can't view images or examples, but to extend a staff upwards or downwards in sheet music, simply add ledger lines above or below the staff to accommodate notes that fall outside the normal range of the staff. This allows the music to be notated accurately and clearly.

How did professor Mandelhoff die?

he had his other leg bitten off by a mermaid and slowly developed staff infection which turned into merca then turned into the h1n1 virus and died

Where do you get the staffs for claws of guthix?

you get the staff in the mage arena after going throughg some battles, once you get the staff you must cast the spell 100 times before using it outside the mage arena.

Social area for staff and students in an educational institution meant for use outside teaching hours?

Common room

Name the 7 teachers who teach defence against the dark arts in each of the Harry Potter novels?

In each book, or movie, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position was cursed. Each year, there was a new professor to teach the subject before one thing or another happened to them. In short, Harry Potter has had seven teachers in the Dark Arts.