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Q: What special events use music?
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When do you use events?

If you are talking about Pokemon, you don't use events, the events you attend give you special pokemon.

How can memories be connected to music?

it connects to you childhood memories, also it connects to special events.

What were ancient Athenian?

Theater, Music Concerts , Poetry, Special events like panathenaic games.

How do people use lilys?

people use lilys for special days and events

Does Hayley Williams do her own makeup?

She does her own makeup most of the time, but for music videos and special events they hire a professional.

What were common hobbies in ancient Greece?

Theater, Music Concerts , Poetry, Special events like panathenaic games.

What special events happen in Nashville?

The CMA Music Festival that is held annually during June. There also are special events during the year at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum; Ryman Auditorium; the Grand Ole Opry; Schermerhorn Symphony Center; Tennessee Performing Arts Center; and President Andrew Jackson's home "The Hermitage".

Can you use Merlin passes on special events at theme parks?

yes i belive you can use it for getting in to the theme park.

How do Hinduism use water?

they think it is a holy product and use it in special sacrifices ceremony and other important events

What type of music does Ed Eways use at his events?

Enigma, Rap, rock and various types of orbital music like the song hacolyn...

Use of illusions or visual tricks to simulate imagined events are also known as what?

Special effects

What are some popular US special events jobs?

A special events coordinator is someone who is in charge of planning a large gathering or event, like a festival, concert, or convention. Most of the most common types of companies in need of special events coordinators are nonprofit organizations such as March of Dimes or the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which use these coordinators to plan fundraising and awareness events.