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Your Love is Just a Lie

Simple Plan

Live a Lie


Every Lie

My Darkest Days


David Cook

Don't Lie

Black eyed Peas

Beautiful Lie

30 seconds to Mars

Lie to me

George Nozuka

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Q: What songs have the word lie in them?
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What songs have the word lie in the title?

No more lies Lies lies les

What are Shakira's songs?

she sang alot of songs but she wolf and hips dont lie are pretty good songs!

Shakira released which of these songs?

Hips Don't Lie

What songs have the word albatross in them?

what songs have the word albatros in it

What is the Maori word for lie down?

takoto means lie down in Maori

Who is the conductor of music in What if your Love is a Lie by Simple plan?

I don't really no the answer but you do know there is no song like what if your love is a lie. those are 2 different songs, if you saw sebastien saying that in a vlog he was just fooling around. So what if and your love is a lie are different songs!

Is lie a bad word?

Lie is not a bad word, it is just the telling of lies that is unacceptable

What is the noun form of lie?

The word 'lie' is both a noun (lie, lies) and a verb (lie, lies, lying, lied).The noun 'lie' is a word for a falsehood.The noun forms of the verb to lie are liar and the gerund, lying.

What is the root word of supplies?


Is the word lie a verb?

Yes, lie is a verb.Examples:Go lie down!You lied to me!Lie is also a noun.Example:You told a lie.

Does the word stick have a long vowel sound?

no. In the word papi it does, not lie. Lie has an "ie" sound.

How many syllables are in the the word lie?

The word lie has only one syllable. It is pronounced with a single stress point.