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1. Bad Blood 2004 PPV Official Theme Song "Sold Me" by Seether Nationwide Arena in Colombus,Ohio on June 13,2004 2. Summerslam 2005 PPV Official Theme Song "Remedy" by Seether Verizon Center in Washington D.C. on August 21, 2005 3. No Way Out 2008 PPV Official Theme Song "Fake It" by Seether Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Febuary 17,2008

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Q: What songs has seether wrote for WWE?
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Who sings Zack Gowen's theme music in WWE?

Its "Seether", with "Out Of My Way".

Who wrote the song called the gift?

I think it was done by seether.

Whats no way out theme song 2008?

The wwe no way out 2008 theme song is "Fake it" by Seether

What are every single Seether song?

Seether is a grunge metal band that hails from South Africa. A list of every single one of their songs can be found on their official website under the music tab.

What album will you find the songs motorhead wrote for the WWE?

The following should help you I hope:

Where can one find lyrics to Seether songs?

There are many different websites in which someone could view lyrics to songs. The two absolute best websites to do this are AZlyrics and Metrolyrics.

Where can you download WWE songs for MySpace?

You can find all of your favorite WWE superstars songs in them!

When was Seether created?

Seether was created in 1999.

How long is the song 'fake it' by seether?

3 minutes, 13 seconds; that's according to Itunes. Not one of their best songs though.

What kind of song is the song 'Remedy' by Seether?

The song "Remedy" by the group Seether falls in the music genre of alternative metal or post grunge. The song was released in April 2005 and peaked at #1 on Billboard's chart for main stream rock songs.

When was Seether EP created?

Seether EP was created in 2002.

What songs did slipknot do for WWE?