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Woodson, Fall Semester, Ten Minutes, Send us a saint, Beer for breakfast, CampFire Kansas i think that's all of them.

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Q: What songs from the get up kids does Jim Suptic sing lead vocals on?
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Which songs did jerry garcia sing lead vocals on?


Which eagles songs did randy meisner sing lead vocals on?

"Take it to the Limit" was the most popular song by the Eagles in which Randy Meisner sang lead vocals.

Who writes Simple Plan's songs?

Chuck Comeau (Drums) and Pierre Bouvier (Lead Vocals) are the ones who write the songs.

What is the vocal name of linking park band?

Chester Bennington does lead vocals.Mike Shinoda is the emcee (rapper) and does back-up vocals a lot as well as lead vocals in some songs.

What are the main instruments in reggae?

drumkit, Bass Guitar, lead guitar, lead vocals. and somethimes rhythm Guitars and piano/keyboards but most of the time backing vocals

Who is dead in the rock band Linkin Park?

Chester Bennington is the lead vocalist, but Mike Shinoda also plays a huge role in the vocals as he does the rapping, a lot of backing vocals, and even lead vocals in some of their newer songs.

Who is the lead singer of Rose Royce?

Three are credited with lead vocals, Rose Norwalt, lead vocals, Kenny Copeland, trumpet and lead vocals, Kenji Brown, guitar and lead vocals.

Who sings what parts in Avenged Sevenfold songs?

M. Shadows -- Lead vocals/organ/piano The Rev. -- Drums/percussion/backing vocals/piano Synyster Gates -- Lead guitar/backing vocals Zacky Vengeance -- Guitar/backing vocals Johnny Christ -- Bass guitar

Did ginger baker sing any of the cream songs?

He did lead vocals on Pressed Rat And Warthog from the Wheels of Fire album

Was there a different lead singer for Chicago before Terry Kath?

In the early years of Chicago, Terry Kath shared lead vocals with Peter Cetera and Robert Lamm. There are a few songs with James Pankow or Lee Loughnane on vocals. After Kath's death lead vocals were covered by Cetera, Lamm, Donnie Dacus, Jason Scheff, Bill Champlain, Dwayne Bailey and others.

Who is the head singer of the Jonas brothers?

There isn't a real lead singer in the band-Nick and Joe share lead vocals. In some songs, Joe will have more lead vocal that Nick, and vice versa.

Lead singer af a thorn for every heart?

Kelvin Cruz was the lead singer. Jeff Harber (guitar) also sang, as the band's songs featured lots of dual vocals.