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Chantilly lace was probably the most popular. See for a list

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Q: What songs did the big bopper sing?
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What nicknames did The Big Bopper go by?

Richardson had seen the college students doing a dance called The Bop, and he decided to call himself "The Big Bopper"

How do you sing with Big Time Rush?

You sing along to their songs on tv.

When was The Big Bopper born?

The Big Bopper was born on October 24, 1930, in Sabine Pass, Texas, USA.

Who died with buddy hollie?

Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper and pilot roger peterson

What songs do Fergie sing?

Big girls don't cry

How old was the big bopper when he died?


Where is The Big Bopper's daughter living?

Vidor texas

What songs does Big Time Rush sing?

your boyfriend. but they arent any good

Who was not on the plane with buddy and ritchie?

The Big Bopper, J.P. Richardson.

What is the stage name of j p richardson?

Big Bopper

What is the big band song in the Macy's commercial?

Writen by Louis Prima in 1935, and performed by Benny Goodman, it's called Sing, Sing, Sing. This is one of the most famous songs from the Big Band era.

Who were the singers who died alongside Buddy Holly?

Big Bopper and Richie Valens. Interestingly enough, Waylon Jennings (who played in Buddy Holly's band at the time) was supposed to be on the plane, but gave up his seat to the Big Bopper because Big Bopper had a cold and felt bad, and didn't not think he could handle a bus ride.