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Is it a techno song? Cuz if it is, I'm looking for it too. They play it at Basketball games all the time, but I know it isn't sandstorm or kernkraft. :(

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Q: What song oftenly played after a lacrosse goal is it that goes nah nah nah nah nah nah?
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What is a Shots on Goal in lacrosse?

when the shot is stopped by the goalie or goes in

Lacrosse goalie scores goal in his own crease?

In a game, the goalie can accidentally score on his or her own goal. If they try to stop a shot and it bounces off of them and goes fully past the goal line, then it does count as a goal for the opposing team. The goalie is also allowed to leave the crease and in some rare cases can actually go up and score in the other team's goalie.

How is geometry used in lacrosse?

Lacrosse uses geometry when shooting and passing. Having the right angle on the stick will help control the ball and the where it goes.

Does lacrosse involve flow?

flow is just the the hair that goes out of the back of your helmet just grow out your hair and youll have flow

Ball goes directly in goal from throw in?

It is not a goal directly from the throw unless it touches a player before it goes in.

What happens if the puck goes in the net while it is in the air?

If the entire puck crosses the goal line and goes into the net, then it is a goal.

In soccer is it a goal if the goalie goes in the goal with the ball?

Yes. If the ball completely crosses the goal line, it's a goal.

What is an alb in the Catholic Church?

It is a long white robe that goes down to the ankles, it is worn by priests, deacons, bishops etc. and not very oftenly worn by altar servers as well.

What are the main rules of lacrosse?

the main rule is the game starts with a centre draw and then it whoever get the ball inti the goal blocked by the oppostion goalkeeper. A centre draw is done whenever a goal is scored. and the game startes with a faceoff peniltes are: cross checking,cress vialation,slash,check without possition,goalkeeper interferins some peniltes are released when your opponite scores a goal.possitions are middfield,attack,defencemen,goal,and somtimes X.X are needed if your shot goes wide to get it and if it goes out of bounes the closes preson to it gets it.the perfict shot is 12-15ft from goal line extended to restraning box

What happens when a shot on a goal misses the goal and goes out of bounce?

Goal kick for the opposing team (the one who didn't shoot)

Can a goalie go into the goal net with ball in his hand?

Yes. But if the ball also goes into the goal it will be a goal for the opposing team.

How does the ball get put back back in play when it goes out one of sides?

It's a throw in. If it goes out on the goal sides it will be a corner kick or a goal kick.