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"Numa Numa" by Ozone (Romanian)

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Q: What song is the techno song on the hangover trailer?
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What is the song on the Sex and the City movie trailer it sounds kind of techno and a girl sings it?

POSSIBLY India arie - heart of the matter. i don't think it sounds techno personally so like it MAY be the wrong one but that song IS in the trailer :) x

What is the name of the hangover part 2 trailer starting song?

we're the three bestfriends that anyone could have

What Godsmack song has whiskey hangover in the lyrics?

The song is called "Whiskey Hangover".

When was Hangover - song - created?

Hangover - song - was created on 2011-10-04.

What song is playing on the The Hangover trailer?

There's a couple that have been played in various trailers for the movie but here's the main two songs. The song playing at the :30 mark is called "Live Your Life". It's by T.I. featuring Rihanna off of the album Paper Trail by T.I. And the second song with the guitar riff is "Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother. Hope this answers your question. - Joe

What is the theme song for the hangover?

G.N.O. is the hangover song of the year wolfmother - joker and the thief

What is the song that plays in the you are Number Four trailer?

It really depends on which trailer you have watched..... If you are talking about the song with words in it (a woman singing), that is called "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele. If you are talking about the other song (guy singing) it's called "Curfew" by Beck, but sadly can only be heard in the trailer and movie. And finally if your talking about the techno-ish song in the trailer, I have looked all over to find out what it's called and still can't figure it out. Hope this helps!

Does Selena Gomez like techno music?

Selena has never publicly stated that she likes techno music but it is possible that she does. She released the song, Love You like a Love Song which is a techno song.

When is the trailer for the Hangover Part II coming out?

I think in a couple months.

What is the techno song that says 'beware the demon'?

The techno song that has the lyrics that say "beware the demon", is by the Kinks. The song's name is Cricket.

When was Hangover - Starboy Nathan song - created?

Hangover - Starboy Nathan song - was created on 2011-09-16.

What is the techno song used in McDonald?

the techno song is "give me back that filet-o-fish"by:Frankie The Fish