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Shy guy- diane king

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Q: What song is playing in the gym in the movie bad boys?
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What was the latin song in the movie bad boys 2?

the song is Atrevido by Orishas

What is the song at the beginning of bad boys 2?

The first song played from the movie Bad Boys II is "Show Me Your Soul". The song features P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell and Loon.

What was the name of the song playing in the club in the original Bad Boys movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence?

The song is 'Juke Joint Jezebel' by the industrial rock group KMFDM. This song was released in 1995, was included in their album 'Nihil'.

What was the latin song in the movie bad boys IT goes something like esto te paso poor ser?

the song is Atrevido by Orishas

When was Bad Boys - Inner Circle song - created?

Bad Boys - Inner Circle song - was created in 1987-06.

In what movie did will smith play Mike Lowery?

bad boys 1 & 2 bad boys 1 & 2 bad boys 1 & 2

Who sings the song bad boys on the fox television show cops?

Inner Circle This song was written in the late 80s, released in the United States in '93.

Did flo rida write the song bad boys?

no he did not

In which TV programs or movies has the Bad Boys song been featured?

Bad Boys has been used as the theme song for COPS. It's also been used in the films Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2. It was also used in an episode of Kennan and Kel - specifically, the episode titled 'Diamonds Are For Roger'.

Who sang the bad boys theme song?

Bob Marly

What movie was Will Smith in that had the word game in it?

bad boys

What is Edward grimes favourite movie?

bad boys