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The song in the opening credits is "King of Wishful Thinking" by British pop group Go West.

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Q: What song is playin in the opening credits of pretty woman?
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Which film has the overture to Verdi's La Traviata in its opening sequence?

pretty woman

When in the movie pretty woman do you hear the song King of wishful thinking?

as the final credits roll at the end of the film

Who wrote the rockabilly song pretty woman?

The full name of the song is actually "Oh, Pretty Woman," with co-writing credits going to Roy Orbison and Bill Dees. In 1964, it was a #1 hit on the Monument Records label for Orbison in both the US and UK.

When was the film pretty woman released?

The romantic comedy Pretty Woman was released in 1990.

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When was Pretty Woman released?

Pretty Woman was released on 03/23/1990.

What was the Production Budget for Pretty Woman?

The Production Budget for Pretty Woman was $14,000,000.

Was Orbison's Oh Pretty Woman ever released as just Pretty Woman?


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No, Roy Orbison sang, "Pretty Woman."

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