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if it's the song I'm thinking of it's Kernkraft by Zombie Nation. There is a long and shorter version that stadiums play. Hoefully this is the right song. Um as far as I know it's still "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns and Roses youre right but they also play Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne I should know i live in Cincinnati Go Bengals!!! :-D

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Let's Go by Trick Daddy & Lil Jon (from a sample of Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train)

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Q: What song is played during chargers kickoff?
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What is the classical song played when Seahawks take the field?

what is the rap song played on the field during a seahawks game? after a touchdown before kickoff. Aint I- Young LA

What is the instrumental rap song played at Soldier Field during Bears games at kickoff Please answer because I can't find it anywhere?


What song is played at the kickoff of the Buffalo Bills?

KernKraft 400 by Zombie Nation.

What is the song played before the kickoff at the Syracuse football games?

I think they usually play Sandstorm by Darude

What is the name of the songs South Carolina gamecocks play during games?

The song is called "Sandstorm" by Darude.

What is song played leading up to kickoff for the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz field?

Kill Bill- The Battle Without Honor or Humanity

What is the name of the New Orleans Saints kickoff song?

Who Dat

What was the song played right before opening kickoff of the Pitt vs. Notre Dame dame with the student section dancing?

probably Rakes of Mallow

What song do they play on Saints kickoff in Superdome?

"Oh when the Saints go Marching In". by BoyScout4Life

What song is played at the Ky football state championship during the player intoduction?

Its played at Louisville stadium in 2007, and the song played during the introduction of the players

What song do the New York Giants play before kickoff?

ac/dc hells bells

What is the song played on chiefs radio before opening kickoff?

The Alan Parson's Project - Eye In The Sky (1982) - The intro is 1:54 and is titled "Sirius" and rolls on into Eye In The Sky.... The intro is what they play... Great Sports intro song, BTW.