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S&M by Rihanna

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Q: What song is number one on top 20 countdown on fuse?
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On VH1Classic what was the 1 song of the 80's countdown?

The Number One song of the 80's according to the countdown on VH1Classic that aired during March 2009 was Bon Jovi's song: Living on a Prayer.

What was the number one song on the Phineas and Ferb musical cliptastic countdown?

Gitchee Gitchee Goo

What song is number one on the B101 top 100 Christmas countdown?

the most wondeful time of the year

What was the number one song on the weekend countdown with billy bush on September 26 2010?

Teenage Dream

Who had a number one hit with Final Countdown?

Europe was the band. I think it was mid 80's(1986 maybe) when the song came out. Lead singer was Joey Tempest

Where can one find countdown clocks online?

There are a vast number of websites where on can find countdown clocks online. These sites include Time And Date, Online Stopwatch, Web Countdown and Crickweb.

What is the name of the song in the new telus commercial with dancing frogs?

It might be "The Final Countdown" is it the one where they are watching fireworks on a tv?

When did the group Blue October release 'Into the ocean'?

The group Blue October, an American rock band, released the song 'Into the Ocean' in 2006. This song can be found on the album Foiled. Although the song itself peaked at #53 in the Billboard Hot 100, the video hit number one on V-Spot countdown by VH1.

When was The Number One Song in Heaven created?

The Number One Song in Heaven was created in 1979.

When was Number One - Alexia song - created?

Number One - Alexia song - was created in 1996.

What is 'The Final Countdown' by Europe about?

The Final Countdown is a song that was released in 1986 by the Swedish band Europe. It has one of the most recognized openings in music. The David Bowie hit Space Oddity was the inspiration for the hit. There doesn't seem to be a story behind the lyrics.

Number one crhisrmas song of 1963?

The number one song was I will be home for Christmas. By frank Sinatra