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Chris Tomlin - Your Grace is Enough

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Q: What song goes remember your people remember your children?
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What is the name of the song that goes Geng Geng Geng Remember You?

The Song is Remember Me by Blueboy 1999.

How does one teach an alphabet song to children?

One way to teach the alphabet is to sing it. People tend to remember things faster when it is in a song. Another way to teach children the alphabet is to use flash cards.

What is the name of the Chicago House music song that goes I'll remember you'll remember forever?

I Remember - Gino Soccio

What song goes do you remember do you remember do you remember all of the times we had?

Jay Sean featuring Sean Paul and Lil Jon

What is the eminem song that goes sick sick dreams of picnic scenes?

Remember Me is the song, i love that 1 :)

What song begins with actual children laughing?

the song i know with children laughing in it is called, 'Remember the days at the old school yard' Cat stevens...

What song played when Ellie and Craig kissed on degrassi goes Hollywood?

For the Nights I Can't Remember - Hedley I love this song!

Why did Michael Jackson write Remember the Time?

He mainly wrote it for his children. If you watch his private home movies, it is playing in the background when they are showing his children. If you listen to the lyrics, it is there. Remember, some of his songs have a special message or a hidden meaning.

What song played when Ellie and Craig kissed in degrassi goes Hollywood?

For the Nights I Can't Remember by Hedley

What song goes after all you put me through my friends still stayed true?

A Day to Remember - A Second Glance

What is the main part of a song?

The Chorus and the bridge/transitions are most important. But the chorus of a song is what people remember/gets stuck in their heads after they hear a song. I know that's how it is with me. I always remember the chorus and that usually has the name of the song in it too.

What is the song that plays on MBC4 when they show the commercial for a Arab serial and goes like remember my name I'm going to live forever?

Fame, if it goes: Remember my name FAME! Im gonna live forever Im gonna touch the sky FAME! We're all coming together People will see me and cry FAME! ...