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Q: What song does Ray LaMontagne sing in the commercial?
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Who sing the song Troubles in the Traveler's commercial on tv?

Ray LaMontagne

Who sings worry song in the travellers commercial?

Ray Lamontagne - "Trouble"

What song is used in the travelers insurance commercial with the dog and his bone?

It is Ray LaMontagne singing the song "Trouble," from his 2004 album of the same name. Travelers is coming out with some great commercials! The new commercial with the cat burglar theme features the song "Be Ok" by Ingrid Michaelson

When was Trouble - Ray LaMontagne song - created?

Trouble - Ray LaMontagne song - was created in 2004.

What is the name of the song used in the traverler's insurance commercial featuring a dog?

Trouble by singer Ray LaMontagne.

What is Ray Lamontagne famous for?

Ray LaMontagne was born on June 18, 1973

What song played at the end of House Instant Karma?

Great episode. The name of the song was "Sarah" and it was by Ray LaMontagne

What is the song in the travelers insurance commercial?

"Trouble" is the song originally done by Ray LaMontagne...but also sung on American Idol by the winner Taylor Hicks...I can't really tell which one is on the commercial but I would assume they would go with the original!

Who sings the song with the lyric trouble trouble trouble in the new target commercial with the dog?

Ray LaMontagne sings the song in the dog food commercial. Great voice, great song. Look for it on you tube.

What was the last song in the movie the town?

I believe its Ray LaMontagne singing Jolene!

Who is singing This Magic Moment in the Dell commercial?

Ray Lamontagne

Who sings the Blues song Trouble?

ray lamontagne