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SILLY LOVE SONGS - Paul McCartney & Wings

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Q: What song does Carlton sing in the shower in the Fresh Prince episode where Will first gets to Bel Air?
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In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air what is the episode name where carlton takes drugs?

Episode 68 - "JUST SAY YO"

What episode in fresh prince of bel air do will and carlton do jump on it?

Its called "viva Las Vegas". Season 6 episode 8

Who was phils son on fresh prince?


In the fresh prince of Bell-Air what episode name where Carlton is dressed as Macaulay Culkin?

I pretty sure it was called "hex and the single guy"

What was the name of the cousin off of the fresh prince?


What was the funniest episode on fresh prince?

In my opinion the episode "Fresh Prince The Movie" is hilarious

What is the name of the song Carlton is dancing to on the Grumpy Young Men episode of the Fresh prince of Bel-Air?

Up, Up and Away by The Fifth Dimension

What is the character Carlton's real name from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

The role of Carlton in The Fresh Prince was played by Alfonso Rebeiro. He is an actor, television director, dancer, game show host and comedian. He was best known for the role as Carlton Banks in the Fresh Prince.

Why was carlton banks in fresh prince rejected from the black fraternity?

Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince is rejected from the black fraternity because the fraternity president doesn't like him, primarily because Carlton comes from a wealthy family. Carlton was played by Alfonso Ribeiro.

In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air who was the shortest guy?


Name two characters from fresh prince of bel-er?

Will Smith and Carlton Banks and its spelled Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Was tatiana thumbtzen on the fresh prince of bel-air?

Yes she was. It was a small was the episode when Will and Carlton had a prom at there school..and she just walked by Will and Will was kinda checking her out or somethin xD