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Shakespeare, It's from Miranda Spark Fly Album, it's a Susan Cagle cover.

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The song played on iGet Pranky was "The Joke is on You" by Nikki Watkins

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Q: What song do they play in the prank episode of iCarly.?
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What song does Good Charlotte play on the icarly movie?

The song is Where Would We Be Now

What is the name of the song that Freddie sangs on icarly in the episode ithink they kissed?

There is no song that Freddie sings on ithink they kissed.

What is the song playing in the background when Freddy and sam kiss in the episode called ikiss on icarly?

running away by am

Which iCarly episode are sam and Carly on tricycles?

It's in the theme song but I don't think it's been shown

What song did the black eyed peas play on icarly?

they dont play at all. only the plain white t's play.

What song was on iCarly you kissed sam?

There's no such episode, unless you're talking about iThink They Kissed. The song doesn't exist. The words were written by the writers of the show and Nathan Kress (Freddie) came up with the tune. P.S it's iCarly.

Does Nathan kress have his own songs?

No, not as a solo. In the upcoming iCarly episode iParty With Victorious, he recorded in a song with several other people.

What is the spanish word play?

Play a game = Jugar un juego Play a song = tocar una canción Play a prank = (Hacer)(Gastar) una broma

When did they make the Fred episode?

Actually, they made it before iCarly because if you look in the introduction with the song "Leave it all to me", it has Spencer and dthe ostrich yawning. i looked carfully after the Fred on Icarly episode came out and on his shirt the R is backwards! You shopuld try and see if you can see it.

Does Smash Mouth perform the song Make It Happen at the end of an episode of iCarly?

I actually think it was the REAL band Plain White Tees....

What is the slow song on iCarly iTwins episode that Melanie and Freddie dance to?

It's "Tightrope" by Annmarie Montade off the album Solid Ground.

Is the 2008 song 'We're going to Make It Happen' sung at the end of an episode of iCarly?

Yes, cuz on another question it said it was called that......