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Selena Gomez wears a size 6 ring.

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Q: What size ring does Selena gomez wear?
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Why doesnt Selena Gomez wear her purity ring anymore?


What does Selena gomez wear as a disguise?

Selena Gomez does not wear a diquise when she is out in public

What size of shoes does Selena Gomez wear?

She is acutally 7 and a half, but it depends on the shoe

Does Hayley Williams wear a purity ring?

No, she does not. She did at one point wear a silver ring that some people thought was a purity ring, but it was just a ring and not a symbol of anything

What is Selena Gomez waist size?

She is said to wear a size 27 waistline but also 4-7

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How old was Selena Gomez when she got a tattoo?

you can get a purity ring at any age, they start at size 4. But you should only wear it if you are fully comitted and know what it stands for not just because some famous people wear it. I have one and it's really nice to see that other people are wearing them you could get them almost anywhere and they are not expensive.

Does Selena Gomez still wear her purity ring?

It has been shown that Selena hasn't been seen wearing her purity ring since she went out with Justin, Selena said that she will remain a virgin until she's married but i guess that was wrong..

Will Selena Gomez Marry Michael Jo or Justin Bieber?

This is Selena Gomez,Justin and I are not engaged. I Love Michael Jo forever I wear a promise ring for Michael & I's Relationship.Him and I just Love each other

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no she dusint.