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On a YouTube video you can see the Hulk in a 80's/90's TV show, where a girl measures his arms. The measuring tape shows 24 inches. Since then everybody thinks that Hulk's Pythons were 24 inches at his peak. But when you look closer you can see, that the girl puts the measuring tape very loose around his arm. However, compared to professional bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno (Who trained like a maniac for his competitions and is still training at the age of 60! And the Hulk was never a professional bodybuilder, just a wrestler) his arms look much smaller. Ferrigno had 22.5 inches arms at his peak. How can the Hulk have bigger arms than a professional bodybuilder with the same height? The Hulk had never bigger arms than 20 inches in his professional Wrestling years.

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bigger then your garage

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Q: What size are hulk hogans arms?
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