What sites have legal music torrents?

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2013-04-18 22:16:06

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VuzeWiki and Torrentfreaks provide legal music torrents. In addition, sites like legal torrents and SXSW also offer additional avenues for downloading legal torrents.

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2013-04-18 22:16:06
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Q: What sites have legal music torrents?
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What is the easiest and cheapest legal way to get music downloads?

itunes, torrents (which are illegal (i think) and easy to get viruses if you go to random sites)

Where can one legally download torrents of movies?

One can legally download torrents of movies from Legal Torrents, Public Domain Torrents, Legit Torrents and Bit Torrents. Public Domain Torrents has out of copyright movies and Legal Torrents has music videos as well.

What are the best free and legal music downloading websites?

There are free sites, and there are legal sites, but there are NO legal free sites.

Are Ultra Music downloads legal?

The music downloads are legal if download from legal sites where you will probably have to pay a nominal amount.The music downloads using torrents or from forums are illegal

Is kickass torrents legal?

Depending on what you torrent it is not legal there are a few legal torrents out there but most are copyrighted and therefore illegal

Where can you buy game torrents?

It is most likely impossible to actually buy them, as torrents are mostly used as an illegal way to distribute games for free. To find these torrents one might need to enter sites that are in a legal grey or illegal area.

Are there any legal music download sites?


What are some good legal websites you can download music from?

Downloading music from internet ISN'T legal,so,the're are not 'legal sites' .

Is it legal to download music from kickasstorents?

its not legal to download any music acept from original sites from original music makers and singers

What other music sharing websites are there that are legal and free?

None der are no legal and free music share sites

Are torrents legal in UK?

Torrents are legal in the UK but using them to upload or download pirated and prohibited materials is a criminal offence.

Are Windows 95 torrents legal?


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