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Paula Abdul

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Q: What singer did brian phelps date?
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Is brian phelps of Mark and Brian married?

No, Brian Phelps has never been married.

When was Brian Phelps born?

Brian Phelps was born on 1959-05-05.

When was Brian Phelps - diver - born?

Brian Phelps - diver - was born in 1944.

Who is jaycie phelps family?

cheryl phelps jack phelps and brian phelps

What is the sexual orientation of Brian Wayne Phelps?

Brian Hugh Warner, also known by his stage name "Marilyn Manson," is straight.

What is michael phelps favorite singer?

Brittney spears

When was Brian Collins - singer - born?

Brian Collins - singer - was born on 1950-10-19.

When was Brian Kennedy - singer - born?

Brian Kennedy - singer - was born on 1966-10-12.

What is Michael Phelps favorite band?

Michael Phelps favorite band is The Bravery I heard.his fav singer is li'l Wayne

Who is Brian Hurley?

Brian "Red" Hurley is a country singer from Ireland.

Did The Summer Set write Chelsea for Chelsea Staub?

Yes, she used to date the band's lead singer, Brian Dales. So she influenced the song.

What is Brian Holland's occupation?

Brian Holland is a/an Producer,songwriter,arranger,singer