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Justin Bieber was almost signed by Justin Timberlake! But Justin manager thought that was to much Justin for Justin Bieber to handle! So Usher signed him and took him in under his wing!

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Q: What singer almost signed Justin bieber?
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Where did Justin Bieber signed up to be a singer?

usher flew him to GA and signed him there.

What singer almost singed Justin Bieber?

Justin Timberlake ALMOST did, but Usher got him

What is Justin Bieber's label type?

Justin Bieber is a Pop/R&B Singer-songwriter who is signed who Island Def Jam.

What top-selling RandB artist signed Justin bieber?

Justin is signed to def jam records and is mentored by scooter braun and singer usher :)

Why is Justin Bieber a bad singer to you?

Justin bieber is not a bad singer

Is Justin bieber a mucialtion?

No Justin bieber is a singer

How old was Justin bieber when he became a singer?

When Justin Bieber became a singer he was twelve

How do you become a singer like justin bieber?

Post videos on youtube! that's how Justin Biebers manager found him and signed him with usher

Is Justin Bieber still a singer?

yes he isyes Justin Bieber is still a singer and he will continue to be

Is the teenage singer Justin Bieber a girl?

Justin Bieber is a male.

Who is a better singer kesha or Justin bieber?


What kind of work did Justin Bieber do?

justin bieber is pop singer