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The most important thing to remember is that weather at Black Rock City is totally unpredictable, but as a rule of thumb keep in mind hot, hot, hot days and down to freezing temps at night. expect dry, expect one giant mud puddle. So diverse clothing to suit a wide range of temps is key. Also, needless to say, shelter of some sort. A tent, your car (which you should prepare to NOT drive while on the playa during Burning Man.)

Also, if you're keeping it simple, shelter, nonperishable food, and several gallons of water for just you is STRONGLY advisable, if not necessary. You can always find some kind burners that will take care of you, but don't rely on it or think in that direction as SELF-SUFFICIENCY is a major key in not annoying people and feeling better about yourself, physically and emotionally. Not to mention, it has been said that people without the bare necessities will be turned away from entry, though most greeters will just wag a finger at you and frown, so to protect the asset of your entry and not put a frown on people's faces, come prepared as listed above and on the Burning Man site.

If you're REALLY in the spirit of Burning Man (which assuming you want to spend at least a week outdoors in the middle of the in summer desert you already are), bring stuff to contribute, whether it be get-up for an Italian kitchen, a fire-breathing apparatus, candy, friendly chemicals, booze, (or all for just you... if you want to spend your days at black Rock in a total fuzz you won't remember guzzling down alfredo, jungle juice, and LSD :) or most importantly, just your winning, eccentric personality. (Along with bare neccessities of life...) If you don't bring in material contribution, make up for it by lending a hand to fellow burners setting up or LEAVING NO TRACE after the event.

OTHER STUFF: goggles, for assumed sand storms; costumes to make the playa that much more lovely; your own fork, spoon, n, serving dish and cup; sunscreen, and your plain old awesomeness.

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Q: What should you bring to Burning Man?
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