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maybe 7 because Anna tells yoh are you tired sweety


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Q: What shaman king episode is Anna and yoh love story?
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In shaman king what episode did Anna meet hao?

in episode 39.

When does Hao show up in shaman king?

Hao shows up in episode 39 that when he meets Anna

Yoh and Anna?

Yes, for the duration of Shaman King, Anna and Yoh are engaged. Later story arcs explore the origin of their relationship. The spinoff Hana no Jidai, also known as Shaman King: Flowers, is about their son, Hana, ten years after the end of the main series.

What chapter did yoh kiss Anna on Shaman king?

Yoh kisses Anna in Chapter 285 of the "Shaman King" manga series.

What episode does Ren from Shaman king die in?

Ren Tao from Shaman King does not die in the series. He is one of the main characters throughout the story and plays a significant role in the series.

Will there be shaman king 65 and above?

There won't be any more episodes past episode 64 where Yoh destroys Zeke/Hao and Anna gives up trying to be Shaman Queen. However, There will be an extension of that episode in the form of a movie Shonen Jump is planning to publish in 2012.

Why Anna get gagged in Shaman King?

Anna Kyouyama gets gagged in Shaman King as part of Yoh's plan to help her overcome her fear and doubts. By taking away her ability to speak, Yoh forces Anna to communicate with her spiritual powers and instincts, helping her become a stronger shaman.

When shaman king 65?

Shaman King ended after 64 episodes, that's the complete anime version of the story.

Does Anna kiss Yoh in the manga series Shaman King?

It can be suggested that she does (but it is not shown)

After shaman king episode 64 is there any more episodes?

no, the final is in 64

What chapter in Shaman King is Anna's past with Yoh revealed?

It begins with Chapter 162 and goes on

What is the series Shaman King about?

"Shaman King" follows the story of Yoh Asakura, a young shaman who competes in a tournament to become the Shaman King and gain the ability to communicate with the Great Spirit. Along the way, he forms alliances and battles rival shamans to achieve his goal. The series explores themes of friendship, destiny, and the balance between the human world and the spirit world.