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Beverly Hills High School

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Q: What school does Noah Centineo go to?
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What is the birth name of Noah Centineo?

Noah Centineo's birth name is Noah Gregory Centineo.

Who plays dallas in Austin and ally?

Noah Centino

When was noah centineo born?

Noah centineo was born November 18 1996 P.S. He is SO HOT, n he's Italian!! <3

How old is noah centineo from Austin and ally?

Noah is 13 years old :)

What religion is Noah Centineo?


Who is noah centineo?

Noah plays Dallas in Austin and Ally on disney channel.

When is Noah Centineo's birthday?

May 9, 1996 :)

Is Noah Centineo really 13 years old?

Noah Centineo is 21 years old (born May 9, 1996).

What is dallas from Austin and allys real name?

Noah Centineo

Is noah centineo in 7th grade?

No he is in 10th grade I believe

What is dallas' real name from Austin and ally?

Noah Centineo

Does noah centineo have a crush on Laura marano?

Noah Centineo does not have a crush on the actress Laura Marano. His character Dallas does have a crush on Ally, who is played by Laura on the television series Austin and Ally.