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Jake cherry goes to Carl Sandburg Middle School in NJ and is in 8th grade .

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Q: What school does Jake cherry go to?
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What school does Andrew cherry go to?

Jake Cherry goes to Carl Sandburg in Old Bridge and his little brother goes to James A McDivitt

What is the birth name of Jake Cherry?

Jake Cherry's birth name is Jacob Cherry.

What is Jake Cherry's birthday?

Jake Cherry was born on September 15, 1996.

Where does Jake Cherry live?

in old bridge he goes to carl sandburg middle school in NJ

Who is Jake Cherry?

Jake cherry is an American child actor who appeared in the movies...Night at the museumFriends with moneyThe 4400The Desperate HousewivesMiracle RunThe BoondocksHead CasesBonesBlue's cluesThird watchKat Plus OnePretty Handsome (FILMING)Jake Cherry was born on September 15, 1996.That's Jake Cherry!

How old is Jake Cherry?

Child actor Jake Cherry is 20 years old (born September 15, 1996).

What high school does Jake t aunstin go to?

he doesn't go to school. no celebrities go to school!

What high school did Jake go to?

Pomperaug High School

Does Jake Cherry have a girlfriend?

not that we know of.

What school did don cherry go to?

he is a high school dropout from Kingston

How tall is Jake Cherry?

As of 2014, child actor Jake Cherry is about 6.4' tall. He is best known for his role in the movie "Night at the Museum."

WhaT school does Jake Austin go to?

He goes to south high school