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Newmarket High School

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What high school did Munro Chambers go to

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Q: What school do Munro nd Thomas chambers attend?
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Who was born first Munro Chambers or Thomas Chambers?

Thomas Chambers is Two minutes Older than Munro Chambers

Who is munro chambers brother?

Thomas Chambers and Michel Chambers Thomas Chambers is his twin

What is the name of munro chambers' brother?

Thomas Chambers

Does Munro Chambers have a little sister?

Munro is 2 minutes younger than his brother.

Does munro chambers have any brothers?

Munro has a twin brother, Thomas Chambers, and a younger brother named Micheal chambers.

Is thomas chambers and munro chambers together?

NO they are Twin Brothers

Was munro chambers and thomas chambers born on a different date?

No, they both were born on July 29th 1990, but Thomas is 2 minutes older than Munro.

Does munro chambers have a twin brother?

yes, he has an identical twin brother named Thomas Chambers

Does munro chambers have a brother?

Yes, a twin brother named Thomas Chambers, and a younger brother named Micheal Chambers.

What is the birth name of Munro Chambers?

Munro Chambers's birth name is Munro Skylear Chambers.

Did munro chambers play in A Wrinkle in Time?

Yes. Munro and his brother Thomas played the twins. They were only minor characters.

What is munro chambers height?

Munro Chambers { :D } Is 5'6''